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You dont want to wait in Line, early Entry, get free Drinks and get Prio at the Gamba Tables? Than the Vip package is what you need.

300.000 if you come alone
500.000 if you have a +1

And of course, you will have it the whole night.


Let our beautiful and experienced Dancers take you to the next level of consciousness with their seductive and hot dance moves. They perform their exotic dances right in front of you on the nearest table. You are allowed to look at them and to enjoy it to the fullest, but touching is forbidden! SFW Dance Service

30 Minutes - 70.000 Gil + 10.000 Gil per extra person

Private Dance

Want to have a more private dance experience with your chosen Dancers? Let our experienced Dancer seduce you and take you away in a completely private room. There they will show you the even more exquisite and refined art of dance. Starting with tender and fleeting touches to even (maybe) a hot gentle kiss. Be nice to them and they will be nice to you.

light NSFW Dance in one of our private Rooms

30 Minutes - 100.000 Gil


Have you ever wondered what it's like to date an experienced and charming Dancers and spend a romantic evening just the two of you? Let the lady or gentleman of your choice enchant and pamper you with tender words. Your tongue will also be caressed with a delicious drink, which will be brought to you by your lady or jack of hearts.

SFW experience in any area you want, no private room

30 Minutes - 150.000 Gil
*If you want to be alone in a private Room there will be a fee: 100.000 Gil for 30 Minutes 

Private Room - Full NSFW

The hottest and most erotic services which our chosen Dancers offer. Let them satisfy your every need and lead you to a private room of your choice. There are no set limits to your fantasies and desires, but your chosen one is still free to say no if your kink does not suit her / him. NSFW Service in a chosen private room - we do not offer this service for lalas

30 Minutes* - 300.000Gil + 100.000 Gil per extra Person

Services: Dienstleistungen
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