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We all enjoy our time here, yet everyone likes to feel safe at the same time. Therefore, he have set up these simple house rules, which will ensure everyone has a great party night!

Rules: FAQ

No is No!

If you find someone nice that you want to party with; listen to their wishes. If they don't want to do indulge in your wishes, then please do not enforce them to.

If you feel uncomfortable with someone that has approached you, and you require assistance, feel free to talk to our any member of our staff, there will be happy to help you.

Hide your weapons, dismiss your minions and do not spam the emote-log

Refrain from using the 'looking to meld materia' or 'looking for party' tags as these are reserved for staff members.

The 'yell' and 'shout' chat is reserved for staff

As this is an 18+ venue, losing one's shirt can be a happy accident and is tolerated, but please refrain from taking your pants off inside the venue.

    As we have photographers on-site, you consent to having your picture taken and posted on discord and other means of social media while inside the venue.

Please respect the boundaries of our dancers as well as patrons. A booked dancer is always free to reject certain wishes.

And i´m sorry little Potatoes there will be no adult services for you. 

It is important to us that you give a little love to each other. Harassment, bullying and hate is absolutely not tolerated.

But most important of all: have fun!

Rules: Text
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