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Non alcoholic Drinks : 1000 gil

  • Fresh Juices

  • Coffee, Tea, Hot Chocolate

  • Fizzy drinks

  • Energy Drinks

Alcoholic: 2000 gil

  • Beers

  • Wine

  • Spirits

Cocktails: 3000 gil

Shots: 2500 gil

Boop the floof 2500 Gil

This double Vodka-shot will make your tongue feel fizzy and floofy, you might want to boop it.

A double vodka-shot mixed with some fizz-powder

Party starter 2500 Gil

You want something light, to get you started for a long night, that's also sweet and refreshing at the same time ? Well, we got you covered !

A light Peppermint-liqueur served in a sugar-rimmed shot glas.

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Signature drinks 3500 gil - 15000gil

Panda on the beach 3500 Gil

Want to taste the endless summer? You love fruity cocktail's and the little red panda?
Ask no more !

Vodka based Cocktail mixed with peach liqueur , cranberry ,orange juice and lot's of ice.
Garnished with a pineapple slice, a red cocktail umbrella and a panda straw.

Eucalyptus Zombie 3500 Gil

A drink where our Bartender's regularly pour half their bottle's in. No not really, but the drink will make you a zombie if you are not careful!

Rum-based Cocktail mixed with nearly all juices of citrus fruits and  Eucalyptus liqueur.
Garnished with an orange peel and some cherry's.

Red Bear Cherry 3500 Gil

Descended from the frozen wastes of Garlemald, this drink will warm you even in the coldest nights.

Vodka-based drink mixed one to one with Kirschwasser. Mint and Cherry's are added as garnishment's.

Ice Cristal 15000 Gil
Want to impress your friends and have some Gil to spare ? How about a bottle of champagne, half frozen in an ice block?

W.E.T. Panda 3500 Gil

Ever wanted to drink something on fire, while listening to absolute burning tunes of the W.E.T DJ's ? Try this one !

Escorial drink and some ice set ablaze. If you want to stir the flames is up to you.

Ask our Barkeeper's for their special drink's aswell ,they might have something more unusual for you in store.

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